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Hello everyone! You may know that recently discord released a new badge named Active Developer Badge for people who made discord bots and other stuff. This is a badge for hard work and the creative developer community.

How to check if you are eligible or not?

The Active Developer Badge is available to any developer that owns at least one active application (app), verified and unverified, alike!

For your app to be considered active, it will need to have executed a command in the last 30 days. 

So if you don't have any active application then don't panic you can also get this badge so easily just follow this article.

How to get this badge from pc?

First, open this GitHub repo releases page from here (https://github.com/AlexFlipnote/GiveMeBadge/releases). Now download this program that supports your operating system then opens this program file. After that, it will open a command prompt.

Now go to the discord developer portal (https://discord.dev/) and create a new application then add a bot to it. So copy your bot token and paste that copied bot token into the opened command prompt and press enter.

After that, it will provide an invite link for your bot so copy that link from the command prompt (to copy any text from the command prompt you have to select that text and then press enter). Now invite this bot on any server you want with that invite link.

Now run /hello command in that server where you invited your bot. 

After that wait up to 24 hours after that redeem your badge from this link (https://discord.com/developers/active-developer).

How to get this badge from mobile?

So you can't do the pc steps on a mobile phone and if you only have a mobile phone it's might tricky for you to get this badge. At first, visit this vercel-hosted website (https://discordactivedev.vercel.app/) and then click on next. Now create a new application from the discord developer portal (https://discord.dev/), copy your application id and put it into the application id then copy the public key and put it into the public key field then click next. Now you will get an URL from that website copy that URL and paste it into the interactions endpoint URL in your application. Now go next and add your application secret.

Now you will get a link to add your newly created bot to your server. After adding your bot to your server type /finish command and hit enter.

After that wait up to 24 hours after that redeem your badge from this link (https://discord.com/developers/active-developer).


Although i don't support redeeming this badge if you are not an actual developer but if you have hobbies like collecting discord badges and you are not into the development (programming) field then you can try those ways. Thanks for reading if you have any questions ask in the comment section.

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