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How To Make an All in One Discord Bot Without Any Coding Knowledge
A Discord bot is basically one kind of bot that helps you to do lots of work automatically for your discord server, also nowadays you can play music in the voice channel and play games using the Discord bot.

So in this article, you will learn how to create a new all-in-one discord bot using an open source code and replit.

If you don't know what is replit then replit is basically a platform where you can upload, code and run your codes for testing purposes (you can also use it as a hosting for your codes).

So let's talk about the features of the all in one bot that we are going to build by ourselves. You will get all most all the needed features on this source code like:
  • Anime Details
  • Moderator Features
  • Role Management
  • Music
  • AFK System
  • Captcha System
  • Giveaway Features
  • Leave System
  • Moderation Logs
  • Ticket
  • Welcome System
  • Warn System
Basically, you will get almost everything on this source code (this source code is created with discord.js version 14).

Now if you want to make the bot then create a new MongoDB only for this bot, you can create one by watching this video.

Now click on that below fork button and fork that replit project. Now open the config.json file and change the developerGuild with your dev guild id, then add your fresh new MongoDB URL in the database, now at the last but not the list add your server invite link in supportServer.

Optional: if you want to change the activities you can change all the activities from the activities text.

After everything is done now write "token" in the secret tab and add your bot token in the value field. (Make sure to enable all your bot intents before run). Now run your project.

After those things are done make sure to use a service like Odd Pinger to make your project 24/7.

That's it for this article, Thanks for reading.


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