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Hey everyone today in this article you are going to learn how you can create a free discord music bot with buttons control. So at the first fork the repl from by clicking on the Fork Repl button and after forking done follow all the below steps one by one.
Now open Discord developer portal and create a new application and add a bot then make sure to enable all the gateway intents.
Now copy the bot token and come to the replit secret tab write token in the key field and paste the copied Discord bot token into the value field and add the secret.

Now invite your discord bot into the server which server you want to use as a developer guild, then copy the guild id and go to the config.json file and add the copied guild id into the guild filed.

After everything did run your replit project and enjoy.

So if you want to make your Discord chat bot 24/7 without buying replit hacker plan then you can watch the below video.

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