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Hello, everyone! Today i will cover everything you need to set up a bot that can help you to do moderation and play music in VC.

We will talk about two ways you can do this, both are free, either on your computer or using replit.com we will cover each method in detail.


If you don't want to keep your pc running 24/7 this is for you, first, you will need to press the fork button to create a copy of the bot so you can customize it to your preference.

Create a bot

First, open this link https://discord.com/developers/applications (it's also called discord developer portal). Log in to the developer portal if you aren't already logged in. After that make sure to enable all the gateway intents.

Customize the project on replit

Copy your bot token from the discord developer portal and head over to the replit secret tab, type DISCORD_TOKEN in the key field, and paste the copied token into the value field.

Note: Your bot's token is like your password but worst, users who have it will have full control over your bot so make sure to keep it safe.

Now type ENABLE_SLASH_COMMAND in the key field, and write yes or no into the value field. (it depends on your choice if you want only prefix only command system then write no or if you want slash commands with prefix commands write yes)

Now type MAIN_GUILD in the key field, and put the main guild id into the value field that you want to use as the primary guild.

Now type MAIN_PREFIX in the key field, and put the main prefix into the value field that you want your bot to respond with (default one is !).

Now type PREFIX in the key field, and put a secondary prefix for your music bot into the value field (or if you don't want any secondary prefix no need to add this).

Now type ACTIVITY_TYPES in the key field and put your preferable activity type into the value field (available activity types are: PLAYING, LISTENING, WATCHING, PLAYING, COMPETING).

Now type ACTIVITIES in the key field and write your bot activity into the value field. (Formats: {prefix} = bot prefix, {userCount} = user amount, {textChannelCount} = text channel amount, {serverCount} = server amount, {playingCount} = amount of server playing music using the bot, {username} = bot username).

Now type REPL in the key field and write yes into the value field.

Now click on the run button of replit and enjoy your new lag-free music bot. 😙

How to make 24/7

To make your bot 24/7 online you can use uptime monitor services like statuscake, freshping, etc. If you want to use freshping watch the tutorial below to know how you can make your discord bot 24/7.


How to host locally

So if you want to host this bot in your local computer then follow all the steps:
  1. First, download this repo from GitHub.
  2. Make sure that your computer has node.js 16+ installed on it.
  3. Open the shell or terminal of that folder where you extracted all the files of that downloaded repo.
  4. Type npm install into the shell.
  5. Now type node . to run your bot.
  6. Your bot is running enjoy.
 So that's it for the article i hope it might be helpful for you bye! 👋

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