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Yoo, everyone! Today in this article i will teach you how you can create a lavalink server for free using replit and keep it 24/7 online.


How to make lavalink in replit?

So first of all you have to fork a repl you can fork it from the below fork repl button.

After forking is done open the application.yml file now you can change the password if you want the default password is oddcoder. Bytheway don't change the port else it will not work on replit. From the #Remote sources section you can disable or enable any streaming platform for the lavalink server if you want.

So after that run the project and wait for 1/2 min to fully start. When it will start running properly you will see a message in the console like the below image.
So now just copy the URL from the right-hand side top corner and use it without any https:// as the host name of your lavalink server and the default password is oddcoder and if you changed that use that changed password. The port of your lavalink server will be 443 and if it asks for secure then make it true.

How to make that lavalink 24/7?

To make the lavalink server 24/7 copy the link you will get from replit and then go to Odd Pinger. After that make sure to log in to Odd Pinger with your discord account and go to the dashboard. Now add your copied link to Enter your link for uptime... field and click submit.


So that's it for this article i hope you like the article and it might have some value for you. If you have any feedback or question feel free to ask me in the comment section. Bye ✌️


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