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Hello, world! Today I will cover everything you need to create your own portfolio with a built-in discord bot landing page without any coding knowledge.


If you don't want to keep your pc running 24/7 this is for you, first, you will need to press the fork button to create a copy of the bot so you can customize it to your preference.

Now let's talk about how you can customize it with your own images and data. First, click on the public folder and expand it.

Now you can check the index.html file for changing any kind of text and images and for CSS you have to expand css folder and then style.css.

Also, i used some simple javascript to make the dark mode work, and if you want to edit that you can edit it with your mood. To edit javascript you have to expand js file and then main.js.

Download Code

If you want to play with the code offline then you can download the code from the below download box. To download the files click on the download button and wait for 10 sec.


So this is a simple tutorial about how you can create a discord bot landing page with a personal portfolio (The name of this project is DiscoLanding). So if you have any feedback or problems feel free to tell me in the comment section. Have a good day cya👋.

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