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Recently some of you have been asking me about how to earn money from my own discord server (i have more than 200 members/500 members/1k members on my server). So before thinking of earning money make sure that your server is godly active with over 500 members.

So now let's talk about some legit way to earn money 😗. There are a lot of legit ways I'm not going to cover all topics (I'm just going to cover easy topics so everyone can earn haha).

Way no 1: Paid Partnership

This is the easiest way to earn money from your discord server. If you have a pretty big community with over 5-10k members then it would be so easy to get paid partners for your server. So let's dive deep and learn what is paid partnership is and how it works.

So when someone pays you to promote their discord server or discord bot into your discord server that's called a paid partnership. For example, ABC is an NFT discord server and they want us to promote their discord server. So definitely they have to pay me for doing that cause I'm not going to do that for free.

Now the main question is where I can find someone who wants to do paid partnership with me? Don't worry you don't have to find anyone, they will find you just built a decently active community with over 1k members.

Way no 2: Promoting Referral Link

This is another easiest way to earn money from your discord server. In this way, you can convert every member into one-time or lifetime earnings just as you have convinced them to download some particular application from your link.

For example, if you want to refer Honeygain to your server members then if they use your referral code or link they will get a 5$ sing up bonus and then you will get 10% extra from their earnings.

Way no 3: Make your own Discord bot

So this is not a good way to earn money also not everyone can earn money from this method. As we all know nowadays this is so hard to make a bot popular but if you can make a useful bot and promote that on your server then maybe there is a small chance of earning money from that.

If your bot is an open-source project then you can take donations from people for your bot and if your bot isn't an open-source project then you can make a premium command system.

Way no 4: Do partnership with a single company

So if you want to promote only one product/service in your discord server then you can do a partnership with a single company. For example, you can do a partnership with Nord VPN, for more information you can visit nordvpn.com/discord.


So discord server is not made for earnings but you can earn by using your server members. If you want to get a good profit from your discord server you must need to have a pretty big discord server with over 4 to 5k members. I hope this article might helpful thanks for reading.

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