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Using Discord webhooks is the simplest way to send embed messages on discord. There is no limitation like how many messages you can send using discord webhooks. Now if you don't know what is discord embed messages, webhooks, and how to use them then this article for you.

What is Discord embed message?

If you've been near Discord for a while, you've probably seen these special messages, often sent by bots. They can have a colorful border, embedded pictures, text fields and other fancy features. These are called embedded messages.

What is Discord webhook?

Discord's webhook feature allows you to send automated messages on any specified channel of your discord server. Discord's webhooks are mostly used to send any data like uptime etc.

How to create webhooks?

How to create webhooks
How to create webhooks
Creating webhooks is very easy. First, open your discord server then select a channel where you want to use the webhook and open the settings of that particular channel. Now open the Integrations section of channel settings, now click on Create Webhook.
Now you can change the name and avatar of that webhook if you want. So after everything is done copy the webhook URL.

How to send messages using webhooks?

There is thousands of tool available on the internet to send embeds using Discord webhook, but If we going to talk about the best tool to send embeds using webhook then this is none other than discohook.org. So open disco hook and paste the copied URL to the Webhook URL field, then write your non-embed message on the Content field (if you don't want any non-embed message then make this field blank). Now customized the embed and you will get a live preview of your embedded message on your right-hand side.
After customization is done click on send option. Now check the channel where you create your webhooks.
Sended Message Demo

How to edit sended embed message

To edit the sended message copy the link of that message and paste it to the message link, also make sure to add the same webhook URL before you used to send it. Now write your new message and click on the edit option. That's it.


So this is how you can send a message (basically embed message) using Discord webhooks. So I hope this article is helpful for you, if you have any doubt about anything make sure to ask me in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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