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Since uptimerobot stops supporting replit subdomain, freshping is the best alternative for uptimerobot but some people complain that freshping is not working on mobile or not useable on mobile devices. So recently Sestro (owner of odd coder) release their own web pining service.

So if you want to get access to the odd coder up timer system then visit uptime.oddcoder.xyz. The name of the odd coder up timer system is "Oddy Time". So let's talk about how you can use oddy time on your mobile and computer as well.

Now if you are using replit hacker plan then no need to use oddy time or any other up-timer pinging system, just open your project options and make sure to turn on the Always On that's it.

Now if you are using free plan then follow all the below steps according to your device. If you have android/ios or freaking old java phone xD then follow mobile phone steps and if you are on macOS, windows then follow computer steps.

At first, make sure that your project at least has a simple webpage. If your project has no web page then install the express npm package by doing npm install express on your project terminal. Now paste the below code above all lines on your main js file (it only work for node js).
const express = require('express')
const app = express();
const port = 3000

app.get('/', (req, res) => res.send('Odd is better.'))

app.listen(port, () =>
console.log(`Your app is listening a http://localhost:${port}`)

How to use Oddy Time on mobile

Basically, it's so easy to use on mobile cause it's so responsive for mobile devices. At first visit uptime.oddcoder.xyz then click three lines on the top right-hand side corner and after that click on login, now log in with your discord account.
So after login is done click on the same three lines and then you will see an option named Add Monitor, click on that option.
Now give your project name to Monitor Name field and add your project URL to the Monitor Link field after that tick the terms of condition and hit submit button. That's it.

How to use Oddy Time on computer

It's almost some steps like the phone, just screen size is changed. At first visit uptime.oddcoder.xyz then click on the login button, now log in with your discord account.
So after you login on to Oddy Time now click on Add Monitor.
Now give your project name to Monitor Name field and add your project URL to the Monitor Link field after that tick the terms of condition and click on the submit button. That's it.

Tutorial Video


Replit free plan doesn't support 24/7 online system but we are pinging the project and making it 24/7 for free of cost although it's beyond their TOS but still. So this is how you can make your replit hosted discord bot 24/7 online. So I hope this tutorial might be helpful and thanks for reading. 

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